Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Orwell's review of Mein Kampf - Boing Boing

Orwell's review of Mein Kampf - Boing Boing:

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Plane emergency landing psychology study: People with PTSD have irrelevant memories.

Plane emergency landing psychology study: People with PTSD have irrelevant memories.: "What did vary among the accounts was the number of details that had nothing to do with Air Transat Flight 236 at all. After transcribing the memories, the researchers went back and coded statements as “internal” (“directly related to the main event … specific to time and place … conveying a sense of episodic re-experiencing”) and “external” (“factual information or extended events that did not require recollection of a specific time and place,” “tangential … autobiographical details,” editorializing, repetitions, metacognitive claims like “I can’t remember”). They found that passengers with PTSD produced far more external details than those without. This held true for the nonflight memories too: A survivor with PTSD was more likely to surround her nonemotional recollection with semantic data, repetition, and unrelated noise. "

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Slate: A Memorable Flight


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Domesticated or caged nonfarm animals may not bark, squeal, crow, howl or make any other such noises for more than five minutes if continuous or more than 15 minutes if intermittent. At all times, the limits set forth in Table I do not apply.

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Analysis: It's Not the Crime, It's the Politics | The Texas Tribune



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