Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014


n wrote that war is the enduring condition of twentieth-century man. He was only partly right. War is the enduring condition of man, period. Men have gone to war over everything from Helen of Troy to Jenkins's ear. Two million Frenchmen and Englishmen died in muddy trenches in World War I because a student shot an archduke. The truth is, the reasons don't matter. There is a reason for every war and a war for every reason.


Scott Brown: We Wouldn’t Have Ebola If Mitt Was President | Wonkette

Why don't you leave the grown-ups to talk about how to deal with Ebola, and you can stick to what you know: hanging out with the young Republicans and giving free beer to the co-eds at the college tailgate parties, where the cool kids talk about the very issues you want to focus on,